Ben Goffen, Optimal Swing Clinic Chiropractor Cardiff and Caerphilly, South Wales

Ben Goffen (Director)
Ben Goffen, Optimal Swing Clinic Chiropractor Cardiff and Caerphilly, South Wales
Ben Goffen – Director and founder of the Optimal Swing Sports Injury Clinic and Precision Chiropractic Clinic
  • Based in Cardiff and Caerpihly, South Wales, Ben Goffen is the founder and director of the Optimal Swing Clinic and has overall responsibility for the training and development of the Optimal Swing Clinic team.

Ben heads up a very clear mission: "To extend the very best in clinical assessment, diagnosis and management of painful conditions in people who play golf in a way that both relieves their pain and improves their life and playing ability"

Having initially trained in Sports Science, Ben is an established Chiropractic Dr and also a corrective exercise specialist. He has nearly 20 years' experience in developing specific corrective exercise and fitness programmes for both in injury and performance and has worked with golfers who play the European Tour and the Challenge Tour as well as having worked with Walker Cup level players and players male and female from scratch to handicaps of 24+.

"While we know that many people who play golf experience pain in their general life first and need this resolved as a matter of priority, we also know that there is little point in isolating a problem and not assisting the body to support it when the person then plays their golf. If we fail to do this, the vast likelihood is that they will simply end up in pain again as they return to their game".

Ben's special interest is in "Functional Biomechanics of golf" as well as treatment and corrective exercise to improve biomechanical issues.

As well as being the founder and director or Precision Chiropractic, a highly successful spinal health and sports injuries clinic based in Caerphilly, over the past few years Ben has written and delivered courses in exercise management for chronic back pain, nutrition, advance fitness instruction and personal training (i.e. training the trainers) and in 2010 trained the entire GP referral fitness professional team in Wales in order that they might begin to take referrals of chronic back pain patients from GPs.