Sports Performance – Treatment for Sports Injuries to Enable You to be Your Best

Sports Performance and injury treatments in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Barry and South Wales

Looking for Sports Performance and injury treatment Programmes in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Barry and the surrounding South Wales area?

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete sport is important to many people bringing both enjoyment and achievement at all levels of competition as well as providing physical and mental health benefits.

The Optimal Swing Sports Injuries Clinic has excellent experience of working with professional and amateur athletes of all standards. Often individuals will suffer from sports related injuries which can prevent optimum performance or stop the sport activity completely.

Chiropractic treatment can help a range of sporting injuries so you can train without discomfort.

Why are sports injuries so common and what should you do if you experience an injury? 

Never ignore pain especially if it is intermittent and certainly not if it is consistent. Exercise of any sort can cause restricted movement in the bones and joints in your back and this can impact on the healthy working of muscles and nerves. Ignoring this can lead to much more serious injuries.
How can a chiropractor improve my sports performance?

We help many professional athletes to improve their performance by ensuring their joints, muscles and nervous system function as they should. This experience also allows us to assist amateur athletes providing the very best treatment from our Cardiff based clinic helping you to enjoy your passion to the full.

The Optimal Swing Sports Injuries Clinic can help you to improve your control, co-ordination and muscle strength so that your sports performance is taken to a much higher level.

Many sports have common injuries and at the Optimal Swing Clinic we are mindful of the activity undertaken by sports people in their own sport.
At the Optimal Swing Sports Injury Clinic we are dedicated to getting you back into sport so that you can enjoy your sport and life.

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