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Research has shown that just under 10% of cricketers have an injury at any time. However the injury rate for fast bowlers is much higher.

One of the commonest injuries suffered by cricketers is low back pain because of the repetitive action of bowling which places stress on the lower back area. The repetitive nature of bowling with the twisting, extension and rotation of the body trunk causes damage very quickly.

Shoulder injuries are also common place because of the continued demands of throwing the ball across a long period of time. Throwing for example can cause instability, impingement syndrome, degenerative changes in the rotator cuff, and tendinitis in the bicep.

Repeated squatting undertaken by a wicket keeper may also cause osteoarthritic changes in the knees. The catching of the ball repeatedly may also cause injuries to the joints of the hand. .

Significant overuse injuries are caused in cricket as a result of sustained throwing, catching or running.

The Optimal Swing Sports Injuries Clinic specialises in identifying and treating the causes of sports injuries ensuring that your pain is relieved and that your sports performance is improved.

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