Specialist Chiropractic Services for Golf Pain and Improved Performance in South Wales

Golf Injury Treatments and Improved Sports Performance from the Optimal Swing Clinic - Cardiff Newport Bridgend South Wales

* Proud to have worked with European Tour player Stuart Manley and his coach Neil Matthews

Specialist Chiropractic services for Golf pain and Improved performance

In pain, looking for treatment to improve your fitness and golf performance - visit our Cardiff, South Wales based sports injury clinic.

At the Optimal Swing Clinic we focus on diagnosis and effective management of pain and also physical fitness to play golf and live life.

We provide a service specifically for golfers who are in pain during their lives, their work or their game.

At the Optimal Swing Clinic you can access a unique set of golf specific chiropractic services in one place that will give you everything you will need to diagnose, treat and manage your pain.

The expert advice of our professionally qualified chiropractic team together with top golf pro feedback provides corrective or performance enhancing exercise to support the golfer. Our golf programmes provide you with a diagnosis, resolution and a way to golf proof your pain enabling you to explode the ball off the tee in ways that until now you really only dreamed of.

The Optimal Swing Clinic uses a unique 3 Phase process to get you playing golf and enjoying life. This includes a clinical assessment, a functional biomechanics assessment and a swing diagnostic to ensure your golf technique does not cause you further problems.

Diagnosis and effective management of golf pain Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Barry, South Wales.

To find out more about our 3 phase process click here.

Our passion for sport has led us to become experts in diagnosing and treating the underlying causes of golf related pain or discomfort.

We provide chiropractic services to many of Wales' leading golfers and we are now the clinic of choice for the Golf Union of Wales for their elite amateurs.

If you are suffering from a golf injury in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Barry or the surrounding areas of South Wales then call us today for an initial consultation on 029 2002 6468