Improving Golf Performance

Golf performance programmes to improve fitness and performance Cardiff, Newport Bridgend South Wales

The most comprehensive, complete and personalised approach for golfers anywhere in the UK. Fitness needs to be sport specific. There is no point training for rugby if you play tennis, no point training for a marathon if you want to improve your sprinting.

Studies have shown that in 3 minutes we have been able to add significantly more distance and increased club head speed. Just imagine what we could do for you over a few months...

Over the last 2 seasons we have demonstrated an average of 9.2 yards MORE on your 6 iron, 12.4 yards MORE on your driver in repeat studies lasting JUST 3 minutes of movement assessment and one highly skilled  treatment to improve joint function at areas that have demonstrated an inability to move in a way that enables an effective golf swing. 

On average during our repeat studies over the last 2 seasons of golf, golfers have demonstrated during swing simulator use both improved club head speed and improved  distance on both their irons and their drivers. Because our chiropractors understand both your body and what it needs to do well to make an effective golf swing, we can identify where your movement is breaking down and improve it dramtically, QUICKLY. 

Imagine what the people who engage in with our programme for months rahter than minutes achieve.

"The Optimal Swing Clinic -It will help your game, it will help your golf" Stuart Manley, European tour player

"A first Class experience", Nigel Edwards, Walker Cup Captain, Performance Director, England Golf.

Imagine you could have a full MOT that would focus on giving you more ability to swing your club well by linking your golf swing to your body movement.

Imagine the following:

  • 100+ point physical golf-body check (all joints, all muscles checked with reference to your golf). This is delivered y one of our specially trained, experienced golf chiropractors
  • Swing diagnostic from our PGA pro
  • Treatment specifically aimed at improving your physical ability to swing your club with maximum ease and of course, power.
  • Access to your on-line user area, carrying all of your feedback and home exercise support to further enable you to take things to the next level in your life and in your golf

Think it's only for elite players? Think again:

"Thank you to all at the OSC for enabling me to play my first competitive game of golf in 18 yrs.." Stuart Smith, 69 yrs old, 5 hip replacements, 3 shoulder operations.

  • Whatever your age, whatever your ability. We can deliver you:
  • Significantly increased club head speed
  • Cleaner ball striking
  • Significantly increased distance
  • More club choice during a round.
  • Better, easier, more enjoyable golf

Optimal Swing Golf Performance

Example of the Optimal swing Clinic user area that you will provide access to your OSC, PGA Pro feedback, Swing videos and exercise programme (fully supported by our movement library so that you can easily watch how to do your exercises from the comfort of your own home. 

Why not get involved with what the golfers in the know are already doing? Get more Power, More Consistency, More Game enjoyment.

With the Optimal Swing Clinic you get: 

  • Better movement
  • A stronger body
  • Cleaner ball striking
  • A deeper understanding of your what is happening in your body as you swing your golf club

Examples of how your body links to your golf:

Did you know that common "Swing Faults" which result in a bad game are related to problems with the way your body functions?

  • C-Spine golf posture - results in loss of power, loss of rotation, shot inconsistency, an increased risk of injury
  • Reverse Pivot - results in back pain, over swinging, shot inconsistency (Hook or slice)
  • Lack of hip rotation - results in mid back pain, loss of power and distance, worsening golf over the 'Back 9'.
  • Sway / Slide - results in ball slicing / hooking, loss of power.

"I just wanted to thank you for your efforts earlier this year with my elbow. I played in Ireland last week for Wales, 6 games no trouble at all with it A miracle cure! I keep recommending you, Jeff" Jeff Thomas, Wales Senior Open Champion 2014.

How many of the above swing faults do you currently demonstrate? There are many more, but all have ONE THING in common.

They are caused by issues with joint mobility and muscular problems.

The good news is that these can be improved.

Your golf performance programme:

For around the price of one 'Personal Training' or golf lesson a month you get:

  1. Full Golf- Body screening
  2. Video golf swing diagnostic through one of our affiliated golf pros (or via your own pro)
  3. Specific hands on sessions with one of our specially trained, fully qualified Optimal Swing Chiropractors (has a Masters Degree plus additional training in golf) which optimises your dynamic body movement ability.
  4. 'You-Specific' and 'Golf-specific' home training programmes including videos from our movement library showing you exactly how to do your exercises.
  5. 1-1 Instruction on how to perform your golf specific training (which you can do in the gym or at home).
  6. Follow up assessment to track progress and further develop fitness.

Individuals who undertake our Golf Performance programme see the following improved performance:

  • Fuller – more accurate swing
  • Higher club speeds
  • Cleaner ball striking
  • More distance – 20+ yards on driving distance
  • Lower handicaps
  • More enjoyment from golf
  • You can have this too.

Call today and find out how we can help you and help your golf. Get the best golf you've ever had, get in touch today.