Swimming Injury - Treatments and Improving Sports Performance

Swimming Injury Treatments and Improved Sports Performance from the Optimal Swing Clinic- Cardiff Newport Bridgend South Wales

In pain, looking for treatments to improve your fitness and swimming performance - visit our Cardiff, South Wales based sports injury clinic.

One of the most popular exercise routines for individuals of all age groups is swimming. Swimming allows people of all fitness levels to enjoy a full workout and at the intensity suitable for the individual.

Whilst swimming is undoubtedly good for you and compared to other sports and exercises a low impact sport, there are certain injuries that can occur.

Common swimming injuries

The shoulders are the body area most at risk from injury with other areas likely to suffer strains and injuries being the knees, back, and hips.

Certain swimming strokes can cause different types of injuries to different parts of the body, for example the breaststroke often see swimmers with knee injuries and the butterfly as you may expect sees more injuries to the back.

But whatever stroke you use whether as an amateur or professional swimmer the part of the body with the greatest risk of injury is the shoulder as it takes the majority of the strain in swimming.

Our passion for sport has led us to become experts in diagnosing and treating the underlying causes of swimming related pain, injury or discomfort.

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