Terms & Conditions

What is my financial commitment?

  1. The Consultation payment, the monthly subscription type, minimum payment term and payment dates you have chosen are set out below: 

Consultation Payment

Monthly subscription

Minimum payment term

Standard pricing for the consultation payment is as outlined on the Optimal Swing website.

Occasionally we offer special discounted rates on this one off payment, but standard payment is £50.00. Typically this pays for a ~ 1 hour session during which a case history, clinical examination, working diagnosis and plan of management is carried out. It also included assessments specific to golf and the impact that golf may have on your body. It does not normally include treatment.

The Monthly subscription is an agreed amount paid by you to the Optimal Swing Clinic which covers  12 sessions. Depending upon your needs and aspirations, these sessions will be used for treatment aimed at pain reduction, exercise instruction, consultation time etc.

Standard monthly subscription costs cover treatment, rehabilitation exercises, golf performance orientated exercise provision and progression and treatment orientated towards improving physical function. They also include access to your online subscription area which will provide access to your video exercise library, benefits of memberships etc.

Your minimum payment term is 12 months.


A proportion of your 12 sessions will likely be front loaded into the beginning of your care in order to bring early improvement. Where possible your Optimal Swing Practitioner will work towards enabling your 12 sessions to cover you for 12 months. However for some types of condition which require more treatment than this, this will not be possible.

In this instance you will (as an existing client of the Optimal Swing Clinic) be able to access additional care at a discounted rate.

This may be added to your PayPayl Subscription or paid separately by Bank Card session by session.




Transferable: Your monthly subscription is not transferable to any other person.


Payment holidays: Your monthly subscription covers treatment already received for most people. Therefore we do not allow ‘payment holidays’.

We do however allow a 2 week period during which after having received introductory care, if you decide that you would rather seek other options (elsewhere), you can cancel your subscription. You will need to settle your account in full for the treatment received to that date within 7 days of having cancelled your subscription.



Payment dates will typically be at 1 month intervals from the date which you joined the Optimal Swing Clinic unless you request otherwise.

2. If you are paying by PayPal / direct debit, your signature on the credit-card or debit-card form authorises us to use that card to take the monthly payment if we do not receive your direct-debit payment for any reason. If you fall behind with your membership fees and this is not caused by a bank error, we may charge reasonable administration fees, or suspend or cancel your subscription (or both).

3. We may decide to increase our subscription fees, but your fees will not increase in your first year of membership. We will give you one month’s notice of any fee change. If you pay your membership fees as a lump-sum payment, we will only review your membership fees when your membership is due for renewal.

What is it that I am purchasing?

4. You are purchasing a number of treatment sessions aimed at improving pain, creating healing and/or improving your function within golf.

5. This service also comes with bespoke, properly progressed home / gym based exercise programmes that are supported by video and usually instructed by your practitioner.

6. You will likely be receiving treatment at a higher frequency at the beginning of your care in order to begin to gain optimal improvements, as healing / your function improves, you will usually require sessions further apart after this in order to maintain the improvements you have gained.

7. The Optimal Swing clinic therefore extends to you the ability to receive treatments at the beginning of your care at a greater frequency than you pay for them, allowing you to offset the cost of these over a 12 month period.

8. You are in effect receiving access to services which carry a cost, but spreading the cost over a longer period. We do not charge you interest on the cost of treatment that you have received but not yet paid for. 

9. In the event that you cease payment before the end of your contracted term, the Optimal Swing Clinic reserves the right to charge you for treatment / services received the value of which is in excess to that which you have at that point paid for by subscription. The Optimal Swing clinic retains the right to request this payment in its entirety (i.e. in total as one payment). 

What if I need additional sessions?

10. Some health conditions often require more than 12 sessions over a year to treat and then effectively manage. In these cases, as a subscriber of the Optimal Swing Clinic, you will access highly preferential rates on additional treatment / ongoing bespoke exercise rehab support  that you require (Typically around 25% cheaper). These will be paid either session by session or in a batch. The payment method will be agreed with you at the time. The need for more sessions can also occur when someone experiences a new onset of pain in another part of their body, e.g. injures a shoulder when they initially had low back pain. The same arrangement applies then. You will be able to talk with your practitioner and discuss the anticipated needs of care and make your mind up regarding any additional sessions required over a 12 month period.

11. In some cases, clients need more input into their performance programmes than usual, e.g. require more frequent treatment aimed at biomechanical optimisation and/or require more frequent updates to their training programmes, the same rules also apply then as in ‘10’ (above). In most cases for performance related goals, 12 sessions with updates is usually sufficient to deliver significant improvement.

What if I want to leave or stop going to the Optimal Swing Clinic?

12. You can cancel your subscription within 14 days of joining; you will be liable for any treatment / services received within this time frame. This will be charged to you as a one-off fee to cover the entire cost of sessions received to that date. 

13. If you pay your subscription fees upfront in one single lump sum, your subscription will automatically end at the end of the minimum term unless you choose to renew it. If you pay your membership fees monthly by PayPal or other automated payment, your membership will automatically continue at the end of the minimum term unless you give us one full calendar month’s notice to end it. (Your one month’s notice must end on the last day of the minimum term.). If your contract rolls over after the minimum term, you can end your membership by giving us one full calendar month’s notice. You must pay your full membership rate during your month’s notice.

14. You can give us notice: 

  • in person at your clinic;
  • by calling head office on. 02920 026468
  • by writing to Optimal Swing Clinic, 76b Cardiff Road, CF831JR.


15. You give notice on any day in April, but your full calendar months’ notice will not start until 1 May and you will leave on 31 May. (Your final payment will be for the month of May.)

15. You can cancel your subscription at any time if we seriously break these terms and conditions or if your circumstances change to such an extent that it is not possible for you to continue to use your home clinic’s facilities and services (for example, you have an injury, become pregnant, move to a different workplace, move house or are made redundant). We will need to receive documents as proof of the change in your circumstances by the 15th of the month in order to cancel your subscription at the end of that month. If we receive documents after the 15th of the month, your final subscription fees will be taken the following month and your subscription will be cancelled at the end of that month. We will refund any fees you have paid upfront for a subscription period that has not yet passed.

17. We can cancel your membership if: 

  • you have seriously broken the Optimal Swing Clinic  rules or any terms of this contract; 
  • you do not pay any fee or charge within seven days of the date it was due, and we have written to you and given you a further 14 days to pay (so the fee or charge is more than 21 days late); or
  • your home clinic permanently closes. (If this happens, we will refund any subscription fees you have paid for a period of membership that has not yet passed, if this applies.)

18. What else should I know?

19. For safety reasons, you are responsible for correctly using all golf club and clinic facilities. If you are not sure how to use any equipment, always ask a member of staff.

20. You must keep to our clinic rules, which are available in our club and online. We may change our service rules if this is reasonably necessary. We will give you plenty of notice if we decide to do this. We can transfer all or any part of our rights or responsibilities under this contract to another organisation, but this will not affect your rights under the contract.